Attached to these links are example sketches that show how to code basic controller functions. All of these example are available for free. These are the essential building blocks to my controller designs. To make these as user friendly as possible, I broken the code down into sections and provided comments on as many important lines as possible. This should make these examples easier to understand, modify, and combine into your own designs.



  • Joystick Keyboard Movement – WSAD keyboard movement using a joystick.

  • Joystick Mouse Movement – Move the mouse using a joystick. [COMING SOON]


  • Motion Input – Shake the sensor to input a key press. [COMING SOON]

  • Tilt Keyboard – Tilt the sensor in varying directions to input a key press. [COMING SOON]

  • Motion Aiming – Move the sensor to move the mouse cursor. [COMING SOON]


  • Nunchuk Joystick Movement and Buttons – Use the joystick for WSAD keyboard movement and the C and Z buttons as key presses.

  • Nunchuk with Accelerometer – Same as above with additional options for motion gestures using the built in accelerometer. [COMING SOON]

  • Nunchuk Mouse – Use the joystick to move the mouse with the C button to right click and the Z button to left click. [COMING SOON]